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ECG recorder model 06000.4

General information:

Регистратор ЭКГ, модель DC-06000

  ECG Recorder model 06000.4 is a portable electronic device with autonomous power supply designed for ECG recording in 1 bipolar or 6 monopolar (standard) channels. The recorder can be used as cardiac event recorder, personal computer electrocardiograph or holter recorder as a part of Telecardian internet-monitoring system, DiaСard Holter system or other compatible monitoring systems.

  Recorded data is transmitted to the external control device (ECD)  with the  «DiaCard — ECG Recorder» software previously installed (OS Android 4.4+). Application is distributed for FREE on Google Play Market. The data is compatible with iOS 8+ devices (software in development).

 Examples of some screenshots of the «DiaCard — ECG Recorder» software

Install the «DiaCard-ECG Recorder» software for free on your tablet or smartphone, and get the fullest idea of these Recorder and its software functionality (for examples of notes, see the  «Archive» of the installed software).



  • Outpatient control for cardiac patients;
  • In call-centers, remote monitoring centers;
  • Departments of cardiology and functional diagnostics;
  • At emergency services of general (civil) profile;
  • Medicine of catastrophes, the hospitals, medical units;
  • Air, water and land transport;
  • Sports medicine, for research purposes, expeditions;
  • Оn an outpatient basis (at home, at work, on vacation, on the trip) according to doctor’s recommendations and under medical supervision.

The distinctive features of the ECG Recorder model 06000.4 are built-in finger electrodes and lead wire plug, low power consumption, built-in flash memory for storing ECG fragments and Holter monitoring mode, making it the universal device for personal patient monitoring of the heart function, as well for professional use in clinical practice.


ECG recorder 06000.4 supports three operating modes:

  • electrocardiograph: recording ECG and streaming data to the ECD (external control device: smartphone, tablet) in real time, without saving in memory of the recorder;
  • event monitor: recording ECG fragments in manual or automatic mode, ECG records are saved in the built-in memory of recorder with subsequent transfer to the ECD;
  • holter: continuous recording of the ECG, with subsequent transfer to the ECD or PC. 


  • online recording of the ECG: 1 or 6 channels, from 10 seconds up to 15 days;
  • recording of ECG with built-in finger electrodes or lead wires of 3 or 4 wires (electrodes);
  • viewing the ECG on the tablet or smartphone display: options for change of the q-ty of displayed channels sweep speed, amplification factor, signal calibration, digital filter settings;
  • real-time heart rate calculation, electrode breakage control – sound alarm;
  • «Heart monitor» mode with the alarm setting: bradycardia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, a pause, no signal — sound indication;
  • ECG recording duration from 10 seconds;
  • «Event monitor» mode with recording of ECG fragments (duration from 30 to 120 seconds): on demand, on alarm, event history (loop memory recording) — 30 / 60 seconds;
  • «Holter» mode: continuous ECG recording to the embedded memory, direct data transfer to the DiaСard Holter system — full compatibility;
  • saving ECG records to ECD Archive, printout, support of portable BT/BLE printers, data transfer to e-mail, to personal account of the Telecardian system, Google Drive, «Fazagraph» software etc.;
  • operation as a part of the Telecardian remote internet monitoring system, DiaСard Holter system and others
  • export the transferred data to HL7 aEcg format;
  • import of the records in the EN 1064 SCP-ECG format. 

Design and working principle

  • precision amplifiers that have high input impedance;

  • no blocking capacitors;

  • control of electrodes breakage;

  • synchronous 24-bit delta-sigma ADC; control system based on ARM CORTEX M4 MC;

  • communication interfaces: wireless – Smart Bluetooth (BLE 4.0-5.0), USB_CDC;

  • built-in Li-Pol battery, charging from an external power supply or from the USB port, charging mode controller and indicator light;

  • single control button: on/off recorder, start/stop recording, initiate the research, clear memory, label events;

  • remote control of external functions (by means of ECD software);

  • «Electrocardiograph», «Event monitor», «Holter» modes;
  • data transfer mode restoration, auto switch-off at idle or standby time exceeding;

  • version control, automatic update of the internal ECG recorder software and ECD application;

  • solid box made of ABC-plastic, convenient system of recorder fixation;

  • compliance with the requirements of safety standard  IEC (EN) 60601-1;

  • protection of ECG inputs of the defibrillator pulses (on demand).





 Number of leads, type

bipolar, 6 monopole 

 Input voltage range, ~/ =

 ±0.005 ÷ ± 5,0 mV 

 Frequency range

 0.005÷100 Hz 

 Input impedance

 > 20 MOhm 

 Suppression of common mode noise: with finger electrodes / with cable

90 dB /≥ 100 dB 

 Frequency of conversion, online / offline

250, 500, 1000 Hz 

 Electrode breakage control


 Built-in memory  128 MB (flash
  «Event» mode, quantity of record
  «Holter» mode, duration of recording 24 h 
 Digital filtering

 0.005, 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 50/60, 75 Hz, finger electrodes filter (FEF

 Communication interface with ECD

BLE 4.0÷5.0 / USB_CDC 

 Power, battery type

Li-Pol; 3.7 V; 650 mA / h 

 Duration of operation: monitor / Holter

  180 days / 15 days 

 Dimensions  (without cable and accessories)

66х52х12,5 mm 

 Weight (with the battery, without cable and accessories)

47 g 

Contents of delivery:



 ECG recorder, model 06000.4, pcs.

 Bag — сover for mounting the recorder 06000.4 (1, 2) on the waistband
 Data-cable, microUSB (BM) / USB (AM), pcs.  
 Power supply ~/+ 5V 1.0А (USB-AF), pcs.


 Instruction manual, brochure, pcs.


 Cardboard package, pcs.



 *The list

 Lead wires of 3 or 4 wires (electrodes) with 3.5 mm stereo connector

 Electrodes on the limbs of the «clothe spin» type
 Thoracic suction bowl electrodes, for different age groups
 Disposable electrodes for ECG, different
 Gel-electrode conductive paste
 ECD (tablet, smartphone) with the OS Android

 Power supply ~ / + 5V 2,0A (USB-AF), to charge the tablet

 A source of the autonomous energy supply of Powerbank type from 2200 mAh and above
 Bag-packing with the logo «Paramedic. DiaCard», 305x260x70 mm
 Bag-case for mounting the recorder on the belt

 Waist belt



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