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Telemonitoring system «Telecardian» (registered trade mark TelecardianTM) is intended for remote recording an ECG. The system is provided by operative automatic data transfer from the patient to the doctor, and also operative transmission of a medical recommendations to the patient. All data exchange with the equipment is made through the Internet by the wireless technologies.

Advantages for the patients

  • The choice of treating consulting expert and maintenance of a constant communication with them  (choose an expert or clinic)
  • Contraction of period staying in a hospital  
  •  Lowering of risk of a mortality  
  • Operative correction of treatment 
  • Free moving
  • Contraction of the rehabilitation period

Advantages for clinics and private practicing doctors

  • The Organization of the personal virtual telemonitoring CALL-centre, it is absolutely without any financial and material inputs for building, purchase of the expensive equipment, telecommunications wiring and engaging to round-the-clock work specially trained staff of specific qualification on duty
  • Operative observation for our registered patients on demand, without limitations which superimpose distinctions in time and an occurrence, both the patient, and the expert
  • Improvement of quality and efficiency for rendered service
  • Possibility of consultations with other experts, discussions of opinion and rare occurrences at the specialized forum
  • Engaging of new patients — specialized advertising
  • In more details about the list of services and the equipment you can read in appropriate sections


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New ECG recorder 06000.7 "Amulet"



New ECG recorder 06000.7 «Amulet» — portable electrocardiograph, event monitor and Holter recorder in one device.

Reorder 06000.6 "butterfly"



New event recorder 06000.6 «butterfly» — closer to your heart!