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New ECG recorder 06000.7 "Amulet"

ECG recorder model 06000.7 «Amulet» is a portable electrocardiograph, event monitor and Holter recorder.

Recorder 06000.7 is made of ABS-plastic in a miniature case, in an improved form-factor «token» (for wearing around the neck), which has a new name «Amulet».



06000.7 «Amulet» recorder incorporates the advantages of the entire 06000 recorder series: high quality ECG recording, from 1 to 7 leads, maximum versatility, ease of use, duration of operation, replaceable cables, support of BLE and USB interfaces, large amount of internal flash memory, advanced mathematical processing and digital filtering and much more.

06000.7 «Amulet» recorder has received a universal USB Type-C connector, which is used to connect lead cables, charger or high-speed reading of records.

06000.7 «Amulet» recorder can work both autonomously and under the control of smartphone (OS Android) or PC (OS Windows 10 32/64).

06000.7 «Amulet» recorder is compatible with MS «Telecardian» and HS «DiaCard». It can be easily integrated into any systems.


An extended description and capabilities of the 06000.7 «Amulet» recorder can be found in the online store of Solvaig, JSC by going to the «Recorders» page, as well as in the  «Support / User Guides» section in the «Operation Manual».



The official sales start date is August 26, 2020.

We look forward to your calls.


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New ECG recorder 06000.7 "Amulet"



New ECG recorder 06000.7 «Amulet» — portable electrocardiograph, event monitor and Holter recorder in one device.

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