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ECG recorders DC-06000.3X

ECG Recorders model DC-06000, 3X Smart Bluetooth Series — are portable electronic battery-powered devices designed for use as 1-6 channel cardiac event recorders (standalone) or personal computer electrocardiographs (with control from smartphone or tablet).
3X Series includes DC-06000.33, DC-06000.34 and DC-06000.35 recorders.
The recorders are assembled in ultra-lightweight, leak-tight (IP-64) enclosure, and differ only by technical parameters. Details: «Products / Equipment / DC-06000.3X».



The distinctive features of these recorders are usage of wireless Smart Bluetooth technology with full support of BLE 4.0-5.0, built-in flash memory for storing ECG-fragments in standalone mode, embedded leads cable with reduced number of wires.

3X Series Recorders are unique in their set of parameters and characteristics.

The ease of operation and versatility make them an excellent tool for the widespread use by cardiac patients, both in inpatient and outpatient settings. 


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New ECG recorder 06000.7 "Amulet"



New ECG recorder 06000.7 «Amulet» — portable electrocardiograph, event monitor and Holter recorder in one device.

Reņorder 06000.6 "butterfly"



New event recorder 06000.6 «butterfly» — closer to your heart!