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ECG recorder DC-06000.01

     ECG Recorder model DC-06000 − portable device, designed for the registration of the electric cardiac signal in 1 (bipolar) or 6 standard (monopole) leads and for transmission the data to the external control device in real time.

     As the external control device such devices can be used, as: a personal computer (PC), laptop, tablet or smartphone; running on operating system (OS) Android 4.4 +, on which the special «DiaCard-ECG Recorder» software (SW) has been installed. 

     The Recorder can be used as part of the online monitoring system  Telecardian Holter DiaŅard, as well as in computer electrocardiography systems of different profile.

     The recorder has special electrodes, allowing making the ECG registration from the fingers of both hands.   

     Price on the basic equipment is an interesting. There are many accessories and consumables to choose the right.

     There is a proposal for the trial operation, renting, leasing or buying on credit for up to 12 months.

     We offer assistance to connect to your systems Telecardian and / or DiaCard, training (basic and advanced).

     You can read in detail about the new recorder (general description and specifications) in the section Products \ Equipment \ Recorder DC-06000.


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