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Services. Conditions of placing advertisement

Conditions of placing of advertising in Services > For doctors

1. To register «Private office»
2. To fill in the advertising-information block
3. To pay registration and to bring a user's payment for maintenance of a personal account «Private office». Additional payment for static advertising is not required. If the user has desire – intention to place dynamic advertising — possibility, technical features and integration cost are agreeing individually, depends on a concrete situation.
4. After checking and corresponding processing of the information. And also positive balance, the information takes places within 1 working day, from the moment of filling.
5. The order placing of advertising blocks of various users is sorted in decreasing order of volume of the accepted data of medical character (the traffic of the given ECG), otherwise, more traffic You have, more advertising rating of the user. The rating is calculated once a month, for the previous period in which the user has received certain volume of services. An exception is the case when advertising placing is stipulated on a paid basis.
6. When balance is negative granting services in the given section stops.

Restrictions on maintenances of the information of advertising character

1. Any advertisement which concider political, religious, national, racial, ethnic, or sexual character is forbidden.
2. Advertising of drugs, violence, pornographies, and also not registered medical products and nonconventional methods of treatment is forbidden.
3. Advertising with a mention of superiority over a personnel and/or the organisations which are users of this Internet resource is forbidden.
4. Profile advertising, that is not connected with a telemedicine and diagnostics of warmly vascular diseases isn’t correct.
5. The resource operator has rights to correct conditions and an order of granting of advertising services.



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