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3 in 1, new ECG recorder model DC-06000.4

The ECG recorder model DC-06000.4 – 3 in 1: portable electrocardiograph, event monitor and Holter recorder — everything that a doctor and patient may need for outpatient and remote monitoring of the heart, based on ECG analysis.


This model completes the 06000.X Series of portable recorders, while remaining the most affordable and high-end equipment in its segment, designed for use in professional medical practice.



The recorder has all the advantages of previously released models: combined ECG recording from finger electrodes and cables, autonomy and duration of work, incredible reliability etc. At the same time the functionality has been expanded greatly: the number of fragment recordings has been increased, a continuous recording mode has been added (Holter research method), separate memory areas for storing fragment records and Holter records have been added, as well as USB interface (CDC), which can be used for high-speed reading of records both on a PC and smartphone, added 100% compatibility of ECG records made in “Holter“ mode with HMS “DiaCard“, and much more.


The Operation Manual and extended technical parameters of the DC-06000.4 recorder can be found in the “Products / Equipment / DC-06000.4» section.



The official start date of sales is July 01, 2019.

Until August 31, if you buy the new DC-06000.4 recorder you can receive a 4A cable as a gift.

  «Get a gift» promotion is held from July 01, 2019 to August 31, 2019 or while the gifts are in stock..


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